Lyrics to Take It Easy
Take It Easy Video:
He's just hopin that he gets some
before the credits roll
and the nights done
gotta walk the line between a good time
and a hit and run

she is fixin up her makeup
waitin for her friends to come pick her up
to the backyards
and warm beers
ceilings made of stars

on the way she takes the back roads
smoke is comin out of her windows
on the radio singin out live, love, and learn to let go

cheers to the good life in a small town
raise your cups and throw your drinks down
and drink to the day that we find a road
that leads us out of here

so take it easy
take it easy
take it easy
ahh yeah

take it easy
take it easy
just don't worry
no, no more

at a dive just down from my place
everyone is gettin shitfaced
all the bad things that live inside will die
and let love take there place

everyones jumpin in at midnight
lit by fireflies and moonlight
look her in the eyes and kiss her when
the moments right

and she wakes up in lastnights makeup
with her clothes half on the floor
she barley knows the guy shes next to
who she met the night before

but just smile because its alright
you gotta go out and live your life
gonna make mistakes
the battle scars show us who we are

and watch the sunrise
on the inside
at the bottom of your heart
they were made to break
give and take
find the missing parts
ohh if theres an end
then it will be followed by a take it easy

(Thanks to Marc for these lyrics)
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