Lyrics to Take It Easy
Take It Easy Video:
Johnny was a po lease man from erie pa
spent his whole life talking never hearing what anyone had to say
when it came to the law johnny knew he could never be second bested
You gotta laugh its just a little bit funny that he got cardiac arrested
hey! take it easy

Jason is a business man from the right side of the tracks
spent his whole life fightin for the dollers never taking the time to relax
he was born then he died and was buried there was never much in beetween
you gotta laugh, itts just a little bit funny that the grass on his grave was green
Hey! take it easy

Now us we are the craziest guys that you may think youve ever met
we all smile all the time never worry, never have problems or regrets
Were not crazy we just know something that noone else really knows
the sky is blue, I love you, and thats just the way that it goes

(Thanks to Sierra for these lyrics)
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