Lyrics to Taffy
Taffy spun, wild horses run
And the walls are filled with molasses
You said I look pretty by the frozen Mississippi
The future felt fantastic
Lottery, I stole a Christmas tree
You stood watch in the hotel hall
You lit up our room like a waning moon
Of melting plastic

Just a couple hours (Hours)
We'll have superpowers
I wanna get lost
Over that bridge to La Crosse

Rarely could toss
Throwing dice on the bar
Your ranting, I couldn’t stand it
I cut the apple in two, it just wouldn't do
Baby, you're so romantic
Endless talk, not getting old
I could not leave it alone
I wanted to please you, my dress was see-through
As I looked through your phone

I am such a coward
How could you send her flowers?
I want to get lost
There’s a bridge to La Crosse

In a Chinese robe, I spun the globe
And my finger landed back home
If you're not willing
Then I'm not giving you my heart of gold
Nudie pics, I do not regret it
I knew that you were gone
I did so freely and wanted you to see me
Off that throne you put me on

Just a couple hours
We'll have superpowers
I'm gonna get lost
Over that bridge from La Crosse
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