T-shirt & Panties (Remix) Lyrics

Adina Howard

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Lyrics to T-shirt & Panties (Remix)
T-shirt & Panties (Remix) Video:
V-1 Picture this I?m in my bed Body's hot Soaking wet Thinking bout tha things I like to do I'm open wide when it comes to freaking you Imagine me Wet as can be Between my legs Ya tasting me Hook Boy when you get here you know my love will over flow And you ain?t gotta worry bout my clothes Cause I got my... Chorus T-shirt and my panties on. (Just how you like it) T-shirt and my panties on. (Waiting for you) T-shirt and my panties on. (You can't deny it) T-shirt and my panties Got my t-shirt and my panties on. (Repeat) V-2 Don't be surprised when u come inside Saddle up and be prepared to ride Up and down ohh Back and forth uhh ohhh Can u feel it baby don't you just Take your time cause tonight your mine Gonna turn around and hit me from behind Hook Chorus V-3 I'm feeling kinda sexy now that we are all alone Baby can we do it nasty In tha privacy of my own home Baby come a little closa Come a little closa I unplugged all tha telephones Because 2nite is special I got my t-shirt and my panties on Chorus

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