Lyrics to Sword In Your Eye
Sword In Your Eye Video:
The moment you've dreamed of so long has finally come
It's pounding so hard in your chest, get ready my son
Sixteen and strong as a lion, you are worthy to take on the fight
It will take less than an hour, and you'll be a hero tonight

Hold, scream, hit , kill
The power lies in unity
Strong hand, hard will
Ride down the hill

Beyond the stars
Through the raging fire
Reaching out to the sky
Tonight's the night
And you could walk through fire but
You get a sword in your eye
You'll be free from your pain and then
You'll hear a voice in your head
Tonight's the night
But you're no hero since you are dead

It feels so great in the saddle, fighters prepare!
And side by side rush to battle, but boy, be aware!
Your elbow gets pushed by your brother, you won't even score a kill
Some say you won't be remembered
But I think you surely will

Hit your own eye
The most pathetic way to die
Wrong move, bad sign
Short was your time
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