Switchedup Lyrics


Lynch Me

Lyrics to Switchedup
Uh, uh, uh
Uh, uh

You should stay up in your lane, you're tryna make some shit happen
For that talking shit, make me pull up and turn to a savage
Just because you got a mic, that doesn't mean that you're rappin'
All this talkin' and buggin', that don't mean shit without action
Been homeless, I've been doin' shit for years and it's workin'
I've been lost a lot of niggas and that shit still hurtin'
Fuck you actin' ass rap niggas, I'm closin' the curtains
And if you think I'm hard now, you ain't scratctin' the surface
Never gave a motherfuck 'cause this shit is a game
When I slide, I'ma make 'em wish that I never came
Fuck you and your own collective, all you niggas the name
When I see you I just wanna put one in my brain
They likŠµ to say "CXRPSE weird," shut the fuck up, you bitch
I'll be happy to put your stupid ass in a ditch
[?], all your gang in a ditch
If you niggas disappŠµar, I'll be happy as shit
Sometimes I get too upset about shit that gets said to me
I remember it's just niggas that can't find them a recipe
I got real shit to care about, you niggas not stressin' me
You think I'ma let dyed hair faggot punk ass nigga get the best of me?
I did hella shit for niggas sayin' I switched up
Never switchin' up, pussy nigga, go get fucked
Watch my every single move, watch what I construct
You ain't fuckin' with the Spiders, boy, we get punk

It's show time
You're at the other end of mercy
Sometimes you must choose life or death
The age old saying remains
"If you cannot beat them, join them"

Making money, [?]
That's probably why we all depressed
I'm gettin' better every second
Still, I end up very dead
Fuck fairy tales do not exit
The shit we call is common sense
[?] I'm not impressed
With all the bullshit y'all invested
I got a second, gotta talk (I got a second, gotta talk)
Then I link [?]
Post a pic about my conscious
I don't have another option
[?] other options
[?] rarely ever solve it
Head on your shoulders and your mind still young
So I can never understand why you're tryin' to rush
You ain't never try to listen, so I ain't tryna discuss
So I'ma end this sentence like it's my time of the month