Lyrics to Switch It Up
Switch It Up Video:
Yo, yo, yo
Calling all my ladies
Calling all my ladies report to the dance floor
Put your drinks down, this sh*t is urgent
Y'all know what it is
Time to switch it up

Girl how many more, Times are you gonna wait
Up for ol' Boy, to come and see you
After he has been, hanging out partying
Then he wants to come, Lay up with you
There's couple of times, He actually had the nerve
Not to show up, that's some BS
That's what happens when, some guys start to get
To comfortable, here what you do

Switch It Up
All u gotta do is Switch It up
Start going out whenever you want
Start doing whatever you want, girl
Switch It Up
Go head and Switch It Up
Don't be afraid to get up and go
Staying at home is getting old

Don't you think its time to start taking charge?
Of your own life it's only right
'Cause messing 'round with him
2 years will pass and you'll still be
In the same position
So, go and get fitted up
Go and Get sexy'd up
Get with your girls and hit up some clubs
Bet you proly see him out
Standing there with his mouth
Open so wide, looking surprised
(Yeah, yeah)


He ain't showing you respect
(No respect)
Let's because you let
(You always let)
Him do what he wanna do
(What he wanna do)
If you ever gonna prove
(A point you gotta)

[Chorus x2]
Switch It Up [x5]
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