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Lyrics to Swing of Desperation
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You take a swing at me in the bedroom
And you hope that this one will hurt
But love it's only you who'll get hurt
Cause love it's only you who care

And it's a swing of desperation
Your one last try to get some kind of reaction
And now you won't even return my calls
But it's alright cause I will never return here at all

I know that you want it, baby
And I know you'd like to have all of my attention, but you can't have it
I know your intentions and you know mine
So let's just close our eyes and overlook them

And take five minutes now to just take it easy
Take it easy, take it easy

It's your turn to be up against the wall
And it's my last chance to feel anything at all
Won't you give me that?
Cause I've got plans for you
Yeah, I've got plans for you
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