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Haunted Windchimes

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Lyrics to Swimming Through A Dream
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Swimming through a dream, of the unconscious mind
Float downstream, through the illusions of time
Sailing high, in the blues of infant sky
In the indigoes of our endless summer nights

Unmask your eyes, unshackle your burdens of time
Release your spirit to its light --
Remember the roads without street signs...

Let the artist paint and the beggars beg,
Let the arms be arms and let the legs be legs,
Let the sun shine down, the trees stand up,
Let the fire burn bright, and turn to dust

Let the old be old, let the young be young
Let the morning birds sing, and the hummingbirds hum
Let us die and be reborn, let us live, and never mourn

Let us breathe, let us pray,
Let us leave but return one day
Let us be, let us free, I am you, and you are me
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