Lyrics to Swim Down
Swim Down Video:
She said, “I guess you let me down again
I don’t wanna be just friends
Don’t wanna sleep in the living room”
And she said, “I think it's all you
You haven’t seemed yourself lately
Do you remember that ring you gave me? I do”

She said, “You’ve been drinking far too much
You’ve been drunk every night this week
I’m so sick of falling asleep without you”
And she said, “Just touch my body
And kiss me like you used to”
She said, “Boy, I miss you
I miss you”

I’ve been thinking about you, girl
Sweetheart, I owe you the world
Even though you get drunk and shout all the way home

Let me hold your hand
We can talk about our favourite bands
And how "Nevermind" still blows me away

(I got you and you know it
It doesn't matter what you said last night
I got you, I promise! I'm not going anywhere)
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