Lyrics to Sweet Things
Sweet Things Video:
Counting out quarters at the record shop
London Calling and the Pressure Drop
Skipping double dutch with your sister's friends
The landlord's calling for the rent again
If all I have is all I need
And all I need is all I have
Then why is all I ever want is more
Why can't I see the sweet things until they're all gone

Sitting on the grass at your mother's grave
Staring at the letters that spell my name
Stars still shine in a sky blue sky
You just gotta look with better eyes
I lay face down in the summer dirt
My ear pressed into the conducting earth
I hear radio waves and ghosts that fizzle and fade

It's ten years later now
You said I wondered about your age
I said I got ID'd today
You said "ya, I get that too
It's like we'll never die
Just grow younger every day"

Shoebox photos and birthday cards
I've got an old tube amp and no guitar
Living in a Salvation Army shoe
All we had was me and you
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