Lyrics to Sweet Sweet Song
Sweet Sweet Song Video:
hey best friend
when'd you get so hot?
your clothes fit nice
ya, i like your shirt a lot
the braids in your hair
really compliment your face
and it sure would be great, if our hands interlaced
but i'm kinda nervous, and they're kinda sweaty
so i'll just sing a song for you so you don't forget me
with hopes you'll never leave.
it's probably out of key.

i'll sing you a sweet, sweet song
a sweet, sweet song
a sweet, sweet song
that says i love you

hey best friend
i think we've got a shot
we'll be far away
and college sucks a lot
but i'll write a lot of songs
and send them to my friends
dot com will pay for gas
to get home on the weekends
and being far away will be pretty rough
and i'll get sick when i can't love you enough
i'll sing a song to you
i'm probably out of tune
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