Lyrics to Sweet Potato Piper
Sweet Potato Piper Video:
"Music soothes the savage"
That's a well-known phrase
But your heart becomes
Full of kettle drums
When the sweet potato piper plays
Go on, throw your hat up
Shout a few hoorays
Cause you can't hold back
You're a jumping jack
When the sweet potato piper plays...
Though it's not a magic flute
There's a fascinating toot
It's not exactly beautiful
It's sort of like an' I don't know
I guess you'd call it cute!
Sunbeams try new dance steps
Songbirds sound their a's
And the world joins in
With a great big grin
When the sweet potato piper plays!
(whistle whistle whistle)

Marion Hutton:
Hello there, Texas, whatcha say?
How come you're whistling
Why don't you play?

Tex Beneke:
I've been messing with this Sweet Potato all day long
I can't make it play
What goes, what's wrong?

You're crazy, Texas
You're outta your mind
You can't blow that
That's the eatin' kind!

But them baby rug-cutters down Texas way
They been blowin' on Sweet Potatoes
And really make 'em play!

Why don't you stick to your saxophone, man?
You oughta know you can't jam on a yam...!
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