Sweet November Lyrics

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Lyrics to Sweet November
Sweet November Video:
This is coming just like last night
But let me not to answer
Daddy wants me to power a plane
My heart is filled with 'and standards

Flyin' miles and the feeling is fading
I've kissed it a thousand times before
'sweet,sweet,sweet,sweet November
Am I the only one who knows who I am?
Sweet,sweet,sweet,sweet November

Hy ,Hy!

There's your fault don't doubt me again
When I landed you last time
You said every night it's past time
While night and feelings are dark
You're too much,you do it all tonight
I bet you bought 2 new farms

You have the whole world through your hands
And they will never understand this
Sweet,sweet,sweet,sweet November
I am for the whole words
Now who I am?...
Sweet,sweet,sweet,sweet November

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