Lyrics to Sweet 'N' Sour
Sweet 'N' Sour Video:
i have a friendshe's been a good friend ofmine for some timesays she has a friendwho's fallin' for meshe likes the way I rhyme my wordand in the endmy best friend saysshe wants a piece of me too...i have a friendhe says he's a friend of mine for some timesays his girlfriend has a thing for meand they'd like to work mein the endhe said he'd like to knowif i think about her toowhat am i to do...with sweet n sour bushes?my sweet n sour bushesstrikei have a friend,he's much older than me and he's still kickingsays he has a friend on the floor aboveshe's a widow in doubt and headed for her endshe said she'd like a young man withenergy for two...what am i to do...with sweet n sour bushes?my sweet n sour bushesstrike...they just want their buttons pushedi had a friend,she'd been a friend since childhoodsaid she wouldn't begfor my love to come around her trueand in the endi couldn't have saved her anyway...i couldn't have saved her sweet n sour bushesstrike...

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