Lyrics to Sweet Lew
Sweet Lew Video:
Power high, power low You could take 'em all to school You could fly, wilt the stilt had nothing on you Lambchops and afro-do, milwaukee bucks and a barbecue #33 just like you Sweet lew, how could you? Sweet lew, makin' me blue A laker trade their bobby-d for a house, a guru by the sea A little help from 32, showtime, and worthy Those were the days, pre-investment spree Sweet lew, is it true? Sweet lew, how could you? I grew up trying to copy you, bruce lee, and a kung-fu Acta jazzman, yogi too Little did i know, a loose screw But you had your own shoe Build him high, build him tall, a taiku with a basketball Tear 'em down, one and all 7'2" is a long way to fall Sweet lew, how's the view? Sweet lew, how could you?

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