Lyrics to Sweet Distraction
Sweet Distraction Video:
Sweet distraction, I wasn't looking for you
I was chasin' down a rainbow, but I must have had my eyes closed
Cause you were everything that I dreamed of, just raining down on me
My rainy day fantasy, you're just a reflection of the sunshine
But once I blinked and I missed her, cause she's headed back to the grind
Don't you know success in this world is prostitution, stupid pride
And I got a lot of better things to do, than worry about tomorrow
Cause I can't just lay my dreams down by my side
Cause it's such a long road to walk all alone
And if I fall you know I'm gonna get up
And wait for the next time the sun comes shinin' through
And paints my rainy day with your smile
So come on and rain down on me, and I'll give you anything I got to give
If you'll paint my shattered dreams, and show me some way out
Help me leave these lonely, lonely days behind
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