Lyrics to Sway
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Sodium pentathol talking
Sit in the chair with the lights on
The tide of the talk and the evening
Tickles the ear like a cat's tongue
See in from the outside the window
Frames them in yellow and they go
In and out of a grey zone
They lean on the law and it bites back

No sway
This way
No sway
This way

Plessey business is no messy business
Just takes 'em over and sub-divides
Clean as a q-tip as quiet as nylon
One more hand then you got eyes on

Their way
Hold sway
This way

Boldly embracing the TV
Talking a mile to the minute
Charge 'em with trading the car keys
Just watch 'em try and deny it
We're at the centre of all this
Enjoying the sight and the salt taste
Pulling the party to pieces
Culling the last of the species

Sway this way and it makes sense
Not super-analytical and hyper-tense
You never get to celebrate undergoing therapy
Try and make the chemistry somethin' that it ain't

Go sway
This way
This way

This way
This Way

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