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Lyrics to Swarm Of Dildo Fish
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Swarm of dildo fish
Take me home
And fuck my ass on the way
I feel alone
And perhaps a little gay
Swarm of dildo fish
Take me home today

So what if I'm living in the past
At least I know when I like it in the ass
From the dildo fish

(guitar riffs)

Shaped like little dildos, they swim
With the little bottlenose, they swim
And I follow them
Wherever they go
Lord knows
I love me some dildos

Punk rock now!

(more guitar riffs)

Some people call them dolphins
I just call them dildo fish
When we're out scubaing
They do what I wish
If I say stick your bottlenose
Straight into my crack
They do what they're told
No questions asked

You couldn't ask for a better fuck
Than one under the sea
With the lack of oxygen, and the flaming testosterone
And the dildo fish...

Beside me
Guide me...
Home today
Ride me
Delight me
Oh, dildo fish
You brighten my da-a-ay
Now let me go home
Back to feeling alone
No, fuck, I think I'd rather sta-a-ay

Cuz when its you and me,
My dildo fish at sea
My days, they don't seem so gray

(slow guitar ending)
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