Lyrics to Swanky Modes
2; 1, 2, 3, 4:
There was a shop called Swanky Modes
Just off the top of the Camden Road
You walked past, I recognised you
You screwed a guy then you killed him after

In a film I'd seen about a week before
Way, way, way back in the days of yore
Nothing could touch you
Or leave the slightest imprint upon you

You just didn't care
Your hair was the same
Your face looked older
And your clothes were grey
Working in a friend's shop
Trying to keep the dream alive

I saw a guy shooting up on the tow-path
He didn't even look up as the shoppers walked past
I thought I heard him say
"How about you get on this?"

Yeah; well, how about you get on this?

I can resist gentrification
But I cannot resist temptation
You're carrying a basket
When I next caught your eye
A glint behind the clutter of a shop-soiled life
Surely you could miss your appointment
I'll try not to be one more disappointment
It turned out you lived above the shop
And that's why you worked there

(No shit Sherlock)

It was a very small flat, with a very narrow kitchen
No need for further explanation
You sat down on the work surface
I got down to work on your surface
I could hardly get my breath
Toast crumbs like needles on the back of your legs
Hey baby, well how about you get on this?

Yeah, well how about you get on this?

Well the crumbs left marks
You tried to brush them off
I tried to make tea
But the milk was off
And I forgot my shopping in my rush to get home
In the days of VHS and casual sex

Welcome to the peppermint jungle
So glad that you could come for tea
I know you like a bit of rough and tumble
But you never left your mark on me
Some fell by the wayside
Some moved up to Teeside
Some still scoring cocaine
Some laid up with back pain

Ain't it sad when your dreams outlast you?
The things you do to make life go faster
Working on a ringtone
Working on a master plan

When the next thing I heard
Someone said you were dead
So no more hot-knives
Or setting fire to the bed
But you were only ...
Trying to keep the dream alive

You tried to keep life at a safe distance
But it's futile to offer resistance
So how about you get on this?
Oh ...
How about you get on this

So how about you get on this?
(Get on this)
How about you get on this
(Get on this)
How about you get on this
(Get on this)