Lyrics to Swallowing Razorblades
Swallowing Razorblades Video:
[Re-release 2006 bonus track]

I'd give the world for you to look my way
I'd give it all. Just to feel your love
Cast aside
Separate. Destroyed
Sweet laughter bleeds by ears
Your eyes tear at my throat trying to steal my tongue
Gaze of an angel melting my skin
A face so cold
Twice as enchanting
I'm swallowing razorblades again
Your eyes have torn my throat
Trying to steal my tongue
Gaze of a demon has burned through
My skin
Porcelain fingers take the hope from my heart
Splinters of love
A years goodbye's bleed red
Roses of black all my night
The stars have fallen
Take the hope from my life
With all my love. This is my last
My last heartfelt
Fuck you
This is my last fuck you
Fuck you
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