Lyrics to Swallow This Pride
Swallow This Pride Video:
Let's see who gets the last laugh when I'm the one biting the bullets.
We'll find what it means when I break the mold.
If it brings a reason, I'll respond.
If it brings me death, I'll play the game.
I'll play along.
Hand me what I need to live while I hand you my life.
Proud, but yet, what should I take pride in?
In the name of...
So much of everything is nothing when you walk down this line.
I must learn to swallow,
I must learn to swallow this pride.
The reason why?
I abandon this lonely shell of life.
I see what I've done,
I feel the pain, arms around my head,
To suffocate the thoughts,
Arms around my head...
Wear it around my arm,
Pinned on my sleeve,
Symbolize the lives lost when I was such a...
It's time to forget,
To let icons be icons,
But in this mind, I must keep what I took.
I took too much.
I see what I've taken.
Look at this face of death and tell me what you see, everlasting.
I want no longer to wait to see what I've done.
I feel the pain.
Don't stop me, don't break me,
I am guilty.
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