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Lyrics to Swallow The Pain
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Bridge: Oh you're such a hard man Unfeeling teh pain, but I know you can as cold as ice But if you just swallow, once will rise! The iron hand around your heart All oterh feeling torn apart teh icy fingers slwoly crush All the kinds of pain your heart rush You keep rotting from inside To other you say you are all right You turn into an empty shell Into teh cursed abyss you fell Chorus: Ignore teh pain; none may see you feel You thinkg ig oyu ignored enough teh ignoience itself will heal But it isn't so; teh swallowing makes you sick And when your stomachs full you'll be covered in vermid You think teh pain is easy to fight But deep within just to hide Doesen't help, it's still eating from your soul And it leaves behind a dark black hole Chorus(2X): Bridge:

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