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Lyrics to Susie at the seashore
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We must begin at the beginning, with the pirates at port
An ancient secret leaks from deep ocean floors
Lap the water, whispering tease and clattering oars
All aboard who is going aboard
We got our selves an atlantis-tican tour

We steer our ships out to the seashore, where Susie sells her shells
We saw the same shameful sights we see inside ourselves
There are is a whole list of lies that even time won't tell, time will not tell

Tide heeds its hieroglyphic dead sea scrolls
Stone document intent on tallying the toll
Sins of omisson, sins of pride
I can't believe these things we spy with our eyes out
We got ourselves on hell-o-isco ride out (ride out)

We pour our Napaz out to the bay mouth where Susie shakes her bells
We see the same shameful sights that we sense inside our selves
There are a boat load of pirates, think their ship doesn't smell

(Where) Way long way
(When) So far ago
(Who) I can't say exactly
(Why) I just dont know
(How) Same crime as always
(What) ...but i just told
I tell you what, I tell you what I just told

We steered our ships out to the seashore where Susie sells her shells
We saw the same shameful sight that we see inside ourselves
She swears a sink hole to a city through the blue surface fell
If there's a man left on unguilty I am wishing his well
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