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Lyrics to Susan's House
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Going over to susan's house, walking south down baxter
Street -nothing hiding behind this picket fence
There's a crazy old woman smashing bottles on the sidewalk
Where her house burnt down two years ago
People say that back then she really wasn't that crazy

Going over to susan's house
Going over to susan's house
She's gonna make it right

Down by the donut prince a fifteen year old boy lies on the
Sidewalk with a bullet in his forehead
In a final act of indignity the paramedics take off all his
Clothes for the whole world to see while they put him in
The bag
Meanwhile and old couple argues inside the queen bee
The sick fluorescent light shimmering on their skin

Going over to susan's house
Going over to susan's house
I can't be alone tonight

Take a left down echo park, a kid asks do i want some crack
T.v. Sets are spewing baywatch through the windows into

Here comes a girl with long brown hair who can't be more
Than seventeen
She sucks on a red popsicle while she pushes a baby girl in
A pink carriage -and i'm thinking that must be her sister
That must be her sister, right?
They go into the 7-11and i keep walking

Going over to susan's house

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