Lyrics to Surrey Dive
Surrey Dive Video:
I'm just trying to pay an insurmountable debt
just trying to forget about my inevitable death
Chris threw up in the diner, I was sick in the snow
got a self-destructive instinct constructive summer complex
in the shadows of urban development I'll mark my footprints in wet cement
like the first man on some kind of temporary moon

But I had to get out before I dove in Surrey Dive
but I'm coming home tonight

Can we hold on for a sec while I wipe cold sweat from my brow
she said we might have met somewhere but that's all news to me now
and hey look I achieved something
can we go back to bed?

We used to be proud of each other
we used to take care of each other
I wanna make something without foundations built on bullshit and whatever
the loudest person says cause it's never really right
but the beating and the puffing of chests
has beaten every argument I've had tonight
come one just punch me in the chest so then at least you'll think you're right
maybe you will leave our place
lose the war and win the fight and I'm
running scared from the house that I helped build

So why don't you fuck off stop bringing hate into our lives
cause all we ever really wanted was to feel at home tonight
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