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Lyrics to Surrender
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Those finger pointed trigger while I simmer in the sun
To my lady, I've been with her when the summer's coming on
You are the moon on the rise, you are my tide, you are the one
Sing a song of creation and an anthem for the young
My next life
But I take another journey


Two eyes make the prize, make the life, I know why
Death cars, stars shining, I fly through the night
With my sight set on the next bed, my life is not set yet
I got no regrets cause to get there I could have take another turn
And I burn another day, and I move like the prince slay the dragons in my way
I be dancing in the world and this till my dying day
I be dancing on the grave of the brave eyed slave that's alive(?)


We run for the mountains, we will run for our lives
See our nations enslaved with no sign
I surrender my vision to your glory
This a story of a silent sky
And the ancient eyes, new baby blues
All brown her eyes
And I surrender to your glory

Songwriters: Miller, Steven S / Kavanaugh, Brad
Publisher: Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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