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The Wrens

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Lyrics to Surprise, Honeycomb
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cut a killing path / through the true west
dozens laid rest / settled down then at last
thought i might be done / but being good made me burst
the killing got worse / it almost got fun / so i got a new gun
marie came home tattooed / it covers her back
it's God done in black / says "it protects me from you"
as christmas can be / i started out fine
i used to kill time / now Detroit's killing me / so i jump start my spree
surprise / it's not enough / want to work / influence on rock's and shells and dirt
looks like you need a man time, honey comb
hid away for wine years how you've grown
we can call your folks / from a highway side rotary
i drive up to your door / and wracked by disease
i do what i please / drop you to the floor
on top of magazines / and calendar art
held up with darts / shows american scenes / of cowboys in jeans
i'll change / his scrape of land / i'll take you east / we'll guide the first we find to sleepy peace
pop the door i think this wander lust
ain't the only thing between both of us
i'll make you famous / and we'll double the states you've seen
the cop who brought me in / an uncle of mine
on first mommy's side / i'm even named after him
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