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Fine Apple

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Lyrics to Surfin' The Crowd
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Well the band comes on
And everyone starts screaming
And the first note is played
What a wonderful feeling
The party people they've been drinking
The party people they've been jumping
The party people they start skanking

Arms and legs everywhere
Pretty ladies in the pit, wanna stare
Punch someone in the face
They don't seem to care

It seems like a sunshine happy day
No trouble's gonna come my way
Yeah it's all cool but it's getting boring
So someone said a dirty word
And the people, they started fighting
Whenever I, whenever I need the strength to fight
I think of Foley

I've got spikes in my kidneys and fists in my back
Should get out of the way before my other eye turns black
Battered and bruised I'm on the stage
Big fat security guard heading my way
I'm screwed either way but all my life I've been proud
I'm gonna die in style, I'll go surfing the crowd

Blood and guts everywhere
I'm trapped in the pit, life's not fair
Punch someone in the face
Now they seem to care

I feel worse than a dog about to be castrated
Why do I get the feeling in a few days I'll be cremated?
I'm peeing my pants
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