Lyrics to Superstrong
Superstrong Video:
your cotch is burning
aint that a shame
too bad I'm not the one to blame
you say you hate me
well, good 'cause I hate you
I dont know why, but Henry told me to


take this! take that!
but no one is going to take my FUCKIN rights back

dont touch me in the street... no!

uncertain damage done to my ears
'cause some motherfucker did'nt like my shoes
we'll its too bad, you made me mad
because I know where you live... aaha


take this, take that
but no one is ever going to take my FUCKING rights back
dont touch us in the street
'cause we aint your tits & meat
because where fuckin women
thats right

well its too bad you made us mad
'cause we know where you live.. aaha
dont look too long
'cause chicks are superstrong
you've got no right to touch us
you are all dead wrong!
Songwriters: Golley, Scot / Yemin, Daniel Benjamin / Palaitis, David J / Katz, Ari Zev / Martin, Peter M
Publisher: Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., EMI Music Publishing
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