Lyrics to Superstar
Superstar Video:
Miguel sits at the corner store with skin like terra cotta pottery waiting for a bus, a bus with a hat like Billy Jack's and smile like Freddy Prinze he comes and he goes with the dust looking out his window world as the desert skies open up and introduce the stars that dance in space but he falls fast asleep with a dream that he keeps underneath his pillowcase, Underneath his pillowcase carry me who ever you are waiting with the masses for the rites of passage wishing on a superstar
Stacy adds to her billfold slides down a brass pole for free drinks and a bigger tip, so tip Posing from a good home that haunts when she's all alone she sheds what she can not strip She sheds what she wants to strip show us the way cause we want to be loved and we want to be saved and we all want to be o.k. but we don't have the means to pay at the corner store smoking on a cigarette he bummed off a punk with a gangsta hood Stacy takes a drag puts her hands on his back and they walk toward Hollywood and they walk like they're Hollywood

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