Lyrics to Superstar
Superstar Video:
(feat. Mike D, Billy Cook)

[Billy Cook]

[Hook x2]
Playa haters, wanna know who you are
When you coming down, like a superstar
If you really wanna know, who it be
It's Fat Pat, and the boy Mike D

[Fat Pat]
Playa haters, wanna know who I be
The capital letters, F-A to the T
Coming down slow, in my candy red drop
Everybody looking at me, but I don't stop
Thangs done changed in the game, since way back
Cause I done came up, a playa got what stacks
Now broads on my jock, got to back-back
Cause everybody wanna be, with that Fat Pat
Hard to see reality, done brought me to a G
Thangs done changed, I got paper in my hands see
Paid in full, make stacks
So a young...don't know, how to act
So I think back in the game, when broads use to diss
Now I'm coming up, and them shops can kiss
A real playa's..., cause I'm crawling down slow
Come up in the game, just to let everybody know

[Hook x2]

[Mike D]
It's been a long long time, in the game
21 young, and I finally got my fame
Dollas and cents, can't let it change me
True to the game, so the fame don't amaze me
Living my life, as a hustler
Doing this dirt, since a youngster
So Mr. what you saying, ain't doing nothing to me
Got to come with it, if you really wanna do me
I remember back in, 90 what 3
Me and Bamino, was in the J-A-G
Boys ain't like it, I don't really care
Cause down in H-Town, we was born to be playas
Broke my paper down, I'ma still make my ends
1996, came hopped off the Benz
Boys in my face, like it wasn't really nothing
That's why I came down, chopping on them buttons man

[Hook x2]

[Fat Pat]
Hit a lick I came up, I'm back in the game
I came up, and now a playa got a bigger name
Now I got fame, I ain't the one to blame
Now them boys wanna be trying to what, claim
A big old pimp, by the name of P-A-T
Living in luxury, doing it like a O.G
Everyday, all day
I'm starched down, piece on my neck I don't play
Ike will spray, leave candy red
Came up out the shop, and I turned a lot of heads
Got new friends, cause I got ends
When I came back, I picked up a bubble twin
Old school partnas, like Blunt and Chris
Everybody know, we do it just like this
Syrup and lemonade, with Sacci shades
We gon parlay, and I just say

[Hook x2]

[Billy Cook]
Yeeeeeeeeeeah, ooooooooh yeah
Oh-oh-oh, yeeeah, yeeee-eeeeah
Hooo-ooooo, yeeeeeah
Playa haters, wanna know who you are
When you coming down, like a superstar
If you really wanna, who it be
It's Fat Pat, and the boy Mike D
Songwriters: ROSE, LIZ / SWIFT, TAYLOR
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