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No longer am I
Just a Man
I'll only go by

You look at me as
Just a Guy
But I hide
Deep inside
I can fly
And I'm super strong
And I know the difference between right and wrong
See through everything unless its made of lead
Kryptonite is the only thing that I dread
I could go on all day if you want me to
(I am the man!)
But you'd rather I thought about saving you
Which I seem to do just about every day
For truth, justice, and the American way
And I never get…

Is just how it sounds
I'm a Super Man
Just making my rounds
And I will save you
Cause that's what the brave do
I'm known as the Man of Steel
With a Heart of Gold

Is just how it sounds
My secret identity must never be found
I just need an abandoned street
A phone booth, real discreet
Where I can turn into the man
People want me to be

And I know that you can see my underwear
And you can joke about it all you want.
I really don't care
And I know that everyone, if given the chance
Would quickly ask if I enhance
What bulges out of my pants
And I know that wearing tights is kind of gay
But the ladies seem to like it better that way
And I know that everyone is jealous of me
I'm not even human
I'm an alien, from deep space
Put on a bright costume and
Fly around all over the place
Now business is boomin'
And its because I've taken the case

And I'm invincible
I'm unstoppable
I'm unbeatable
Or at least that's how it always seems
Ask Lex Luthor

Look up in the sky
That's your plan
You can all rely on

Why worry to death
While I'm there
When in doubt
You just shout
Help us out
And I always come
And I never get…

I want to relax
So I can come to my work renewed
Let me be at peace
In my fortress of solitude

And my love for Miss Lois Lane
Is a love that I can't contain
And it's hard to not leave a trace
But you'd think with every embrace
That one day she'd pick out my face
In case of emergency
With some urgency
I'll wipe her memory
With a kiss from me
And we'll never be free
To be happy with stable security
Unless I give up my valiant charity
And live life as a part of humanity
And I'd never get…

I am Superman
It's just how it sounds
And I can leap tall buildings with single bounds
And as earth's savior
I've good behavior
But every now and again I just need to let loose

That's all there is to know
About me being the best superhero
And I thought I should tell you all this firsthand
So that you could now easily understand
What it means to have children look up to you
And fight for the good ole red, white, and blue
And always think hard about what it means
To have greatness come down from family genes

Earth's a better place
Since I began
No way to replace

If I weren't here
Earth would fall
I conclude
All of you'd
Be so screwed

But I'll continue to do the
Best I can
Only because I'm

As long as I'm here
I will try
to respect
to protect
to perfect
our lives
till the end arrives
I can always strive
To help more survive
I'm more than
Just a man
I am superman
I am superman
I am superman
I am superman
And I won't be done
Till the war is won
And helped everyone
All it takes is one man to stand up
Just speak your mind
And we'll find
we're behind the whole race of mankind
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