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Lyrics to Superboy And Supergirl
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Superboy, Supergirl:
Oh, I've got a question for Superworld
What gets you through?
Who gets you past?
And how do you, fly so fast?
Oh, is it the fame?
Cause everybody knows, who you are?
Well, it can't be the same
Cause I hear you're from outer space, pretty far
Superboy's got his problems,
And Girl's got her hang-ups
And I know that it can't be easy to be
Superboy in a messed up world, these days
Or a Supergirl in a thankless world, these days

Bu-bu-bup, bu-bu-bup (etc)

I said, â??Please don't let them get you down,
Because you're the only superheroes in our town.�
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