Lyrics to Super Plan B
Super Plan B Video:
I've got something much better than you 'cos it's something more than nothing when there's nothing to do. I've got a system an agenda, a mission... Got a supersonic plan so you'd better listen. Ain't got a reason to be hurt inside. Got a lions share stock in suicide. Got a way out when I gotta get out. Gotta get goin' when the going gets tough. Gotta move and shake things when the waters are rough. S.I.D. is the place to be. Self Inflicted Death makes a super plan B. Something near and dear that you can't take away. A freedom so unequaled so unheard of in this day. Envy, Envy, Envy, Envy, Envy, looky at you. Don't you wish you had it too.

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