Lyrics to Sunrise Of A New Age
Sunrise Of A New Age Video:
Colors and melodies, shell my mind,
Winds and perfumes, escort the sunrise of a new age, so long,
from the human damnation, and the dance is beginning now...
A mass face to face with life and death
Into the night fear isn't hindrance for the fantasy,
the sound that emerged from the depths of the earth
Inundates the souls of so many people,
The beat that makes the heats of your heart
to follow the real quickness,
as the music makes the body to move without end
Inundates the humans with delight
and get angry the instincts,
and as the dance continues,
extasy overflows the souls
And the sweatness bodies feel the necesity
to become one and to speak each other
Now everybody want to reveal, his real oneself,
into the insanity, and the influences of drugs
And as the night becomes bigger, pretty female figures,
invite us so close to them, to feel the sweet passion...
And the extasy of love, the bodies stay naked and continue to romb,
around the fire into smokes and colors that tear the darkness
Colors and melodies, shell my mind,
winds and perfumes escort the sunrise of a new age
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