...Summons Upon Nightfall (Unfettered Sorcerer) Lyrics

Cimmerian Path

Into The Depths Of Ruthless Excellence

Lyrics to ...Summons Upon Nightfall (Unfettered Sorcerer)
...Summons Upon Nightfall (Unfettered Sorcerer) Video:
Damned celestial realm, a local bewitched
Shall apperceive its hindmost incessant torment
Unencumbered nightfall has been distraught
In its dominion iniquity

Entrusting bloodthirsty actions of vengeance and torment...

"Thou mortal curse in absentia abolished
I strive to vanquish compassion in its self-being
For, I unfettered sorcerer, malformed to specter through flesh
Now to endorse the obliteration of mankind"

Poised over the illustrious sun to unleash gloominess
Digesting its shafts as its blooded secretions bid the blissful soil adieu
Tarns dim to a dark velvet luster, liberating warriors of chaos
From cryptic labyrinths of its entrails due to its dyspepsia

Quartering carcasses, shredding organs, smoldering remains
Squeals of misery by the fruitless muck, dismembered they rot

Thy beckoning...retorted
With atrocities of unearthly venom
Infused into the hearts of men
Saturated they plunge with acute abhorrence in terror
For now what looms is but the horror of the shade...
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