Lyrics to Summertime
Summertime Video:
The first nigga to slip's the first nigga I'm trip on get my flip on lay em down N get my dip on out the back door see my Benzo I'm in it I'm out to win it pull a jack in a minute got dem Hoochy's gettin freaky in the backroom cuz on the microphone I'm funky like the bathroom it's just a new generation of invicible "G"s we got mic's N gatz N nutz hangin to our knees at ease nigga freeze If you step into my area I carry a strong mind flo till I'm blind it's summertime feel me rhyme lookin for a dime need to get my head right now watch me flo so tight It's party time and the sun has got me goin wild I loose my mind all these Hunny's running all around we ridin deep on da creep better not catch you sleep CBK we bringin drama over dem Bumpin Beats so throw your hands up ridin in the cut no you can't get too much runnin with C-BLOCK and if wont't stop till we POP cuz we dropin dem cuz Chorus: It's summertime ain't nothing but my crew and me having fun and trippin on dem wanna be now that my head is right I'm ready for tonight you can't stop us and nothin's gonna get in our way Repeat Chorus Another day in the mid of the summer niggas watch me coming as I hit the corner I jump up, I step up, I bring it up I listen come with word is born It's the mister lookin' real hard the catch my sister now where they at as I grip the sack so step back trippin' how I break the back now just to set it off as I know behaviour you catch the track on time you know the flavour it's the saviour I gave you room to breathe listen then stop and letem freeze I'm commin phat it's Goldie blowin' on dis track we cutz no slack cuz C-B-K has got my back It's Mr. P comin from the east nigga's can't set speakin on dem bumpin' beats Now watch Red Dogg cuz he's my hog straight from dem Cali-sreetz so throw your hands up ridin' in the cut no you can't get too much runnin' with C-Block and it don't stop til we pop cuz we droppin' dem cuz Chorus

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