Lyrics to Summer Time
Summer Time Video:
(verse 1)
A few months ago I had a bad dream,
everyday I was waking to the same old thing.
Why do I dream so much I cant leave this chair?
They said I was going places but I sure aint going nowhere

I asked her what am i doing with my life? i could have been a better man.
There must be something you see, because if you are not careful, I'll bring you down with me.
She smiled as she said baby that would be just fine, 'cause when i'm with you, you make me feel like summer time.

(verse 2)

well the season is good and i cant come down from this high.
you talked a lot of shit but i never really understood why.
you know you got my trust and you could rob me blind,
do what you must but you must know i might just change my mind.


(verse 3)
Its another day to live and love,
just another way to push and shove,
but i've been shaking all day cause you,
you wont get up
Now im here to stay if you are strong,
strong enough

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