Lyrics to Summer Of '99
Summer Of '99 Video:
I left a message at the beep asking you to call me up
not like I'd mind sitting alone but I'd rather we met up
to do the things that we would do and be the people we would be
it may not look much to the world but it's good enough for me

and this time, like last time, I will forget the time
you'll wait there with cold beer, I'll show up five past nine

another wasted, hasted day in the rat race we call life
being someone else's slave just to be able to provide
me with what I want to have, mostly what I want to drink
this isn't close to over yet I am dancing on the brink

of crashing and burning, the same damn days returning
to choke me, provoke me, why am I never learning?

(you know there's something more to life)

I have a chance, to make demands, and understand there's something more
to follow through, build something new, and to undo being a whore
I could postpone, regress alone, decide I've grown too much too fast
I think I will, I'm happy still, just sit and chill on my growing ass

I'm all grown up, out of touch and I miss it so much
fell pathetic for thinking I want to keep drinking cheap beer with good friends
and not have to pretend that I'm something I'm not, I'm not asking a lot

please just turn back the time to nineteen-ninety-nine
with those years to relive I'll give all I can give to make real all those plans,
to recycle those cans
just make sure I won't know that it's over
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