Lyrics to Summer
Summer Video:
i know it's almost summer when my thoughts are in the trees
when all my worries vanish in the breeze
another year has past with me picking up this mess
an uphill battle with your burden on my chest, but no more

things are gonna work out, i just don't know how soon
it's like wondering how small we are while looking at the moon
or those back seat days in autumn when you're driven down your road
with no time to stop for anything besides your goal

well i'm the driver now
and i'm wondering how you've never been picked up before
i guess that's just luck
but that's never been enough for me

i'm singing to the world outside through the window of my car
i see people walking past and stare real hard
i want to tell them music is the high point of day
but they just hurry on, and they just walk away

there are times where you won't find me happy
there are times when i will be ashamed
but for the most part i've played my role the best that i could
and i've wanted things to end up this way
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