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in the town of your youth, on some famous road or boulevard or lane, there's a lilac tree named after you. an unfamiliar child gets to see it bloom. he rides in his mother's car. it's as big as hell. and they're on theyre way. line 'em up to be replaced!

in the house lived a dog. not a healer or a saint. he's warm the house with his welcome wag. but in his howl, i'd hear him say, "i want to run away." where is he now? he left us alone. he has a new home. he's gone. what were you protecting us from anyway? line 'em up to be replaced!

my teacher in the second grade taught us the names of all the presidents and states. but after a summer away, she frogot ours. where is she now? with kids half our age. they can't know they're about to be wound and then let go. they wind you up and then let you go.

all my friends i can't wait to quit. who's the next one on the list? all my friends i can't wait to leave and i won't stand for it. i won't get used to it. follow me out the door.
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