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H Pisces

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Lyrics to Suicide Alice
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Alice was her name
Never did know her game, it was another lie
She never heard a word I said
Just looked at me in the face with another smile

Bleeding all the way,
And opening up the doors she took a look inside
The mirrors on the wall
Shocked her right into place
The ceremony called
As the words appeared right on her face

Chase the blues away
Remember yesterday
Chase the blues away
But don't forget to pray

Oh my god, it's suicide
She never took my name
Oh my god, it's suicide
You just can't stand the pain
Oh my god, it's suicide
She's driving with the fools
Oh my god, it's suicide
She's breaking all the rules

Alice was alone
I called her up on the phone, nobody answered
So I drove up to her place
To look at her pretty face
TV's on and the lights are bright
But there just ain't no-one home

Oh my god, it's suicide
We face the long goodbye
Oh my god, it's suicide
Wake up it's time to die

(Thanks to Rachel for these lyrics)
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