Lyrics to Sugarland
Sugarland Video:
They're grazin' the field Covered with tar Can't get a price To see my way clear I'm sitting down At the Sugarland Bar It might as well bury My body right here Tractors and combines Out in the cold Sheds piled high With the wheat we ain't sold silos filled with Last year's crops If something don't break me We'll gonna drop Well my wife got another Coming in july She's just laid up in bed All she does is cries, cries, cries Tommy, oh Tommy I'm so alone Tommy, oh Tommy Oh! Won't you stay home Pa' don't say nothing except when it rains He sits by the window Listening to the sound of passing trains Roaring out of the night Carrying an empty load We got a whole lot of grain That ain't got nowhere to go Well, if prices Don't get no higher I'll fill this dustbin with gasAnd set these fields on fire Sit out on a ridge Where the bluebirds fly And watch the flame rise up Against this sugarland sky

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