Lyrics to Sugar World
Sugar World Video:
please forgive me
for all the things I've done
sugar, give me the love I need to carry on
living without you, I'd just die
with you, I can hold my head up high
and tell the crowd that I'm so proud
it makes me want to cry

sugar world of you
sugar world, what can I do?
sugar world, you're so sweet
you're a sugar world to me
you're champagne or ruhr wine
will you make up your mind?
you're lemon or you're lime
you're pecan or praline
you're sky bar or cloud nine

sugar, save me
come on, save me from myself
enslave me
I never wanted anything else

looking into your candy eyes
talking talking about the day
when I can make a vow
but that's not now
it makes me want to cry
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