Lyrics to Sugar Skulls
Sugar Skulls Video:
[Verse 1:]
Even's Dead, The Chronicles Of An American Waster...
Waster's everything, a sugar skull painted white, he's contradiction
In it's purest form, we're a pretty life, he says I'm everything a bullet
Hole could ever want, simply put I drown in contrast, we're so nonchalant,
I call myself a sugar skull, incomplete yellow eyes, finely tuned in strokes
Of red, let the eyes look surprised, take the paint to the grins, it's time to
Fill in the teeth, shadows overcast the colors, as the world starts to weep,
We say I'll never let you go, I'm overjoyed and feeling lost, you see we use to
Be sexy, now I'm hanging from a cross, the cheek bones tell the story, his
Lies are pure and absolute, empty hands feed on hunger, while our thoughts
Are just a fluke, my sugar skull is almost finished, watch the colors turn dim,
The vibrant reds turn gray, and on the lines are pencil thin, the yellow eyes
Turn dark, as the mood starts to shift, it's just an issue that we've had ever
Sense I was a kid, Waster's everything, a sugar skull painted black, simply
Painted with precision, our life drapes the aftermath, simple strokes turn
Chaotic in attempts to fill the void, Waster's faced with contradiction, as
We remain a little boy.

I'm a big boy, yes I'm all grown up, touch the barrel to the temple, let the
Mind go, a disorder's how I breath, I'm torn apart, Ah shucks, a simple man
When I breath, how I love to stay stuck. [x4]

[Verse 2:]
I'm a sugar skull, no disappointments, I'm left dreaming with my penis hard,
Lord I feel important, I pinkie swear to paint the sunsets, we can turn it black,
Count your "zees" pretty lady, cause I hate the habitat, stolen hearts, feeling
Flat, born to take like house thieves, Mr. Crispy, straight edge, we're full of
Taste like ice cream, sugar skulls, Copyright Extra Kool- Dirty Laboratory 2009
Sugar skulls.
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