Suga, Suga Lyrics

Diana King


Lyrics to Suga, Suga
Suga, Suga Video:
Here a story 'bout a girl I know
Rolls around like she got the flow
But everybody in the hood they know
Her money didn't buy those clothes
Sugar daddy with a pocket full of green
Picks her up in a back limousine
If he treat her like a beauty queen
She'll let him in-between

She wants the suga, suga
To give her everything that she dream of
Want a suga, suga
She want the ice and cash and the beamer
She don't wanna work, she jus' put on a short skirt
Lip gloss and a cutoff T-Shirt
Suga, suga, she want the money, money, suga money

Everyday she wake up in the afternoon
Turn on the TV and watch cartoons
Another hour getting pretty in the bathroom
She won't be looking for work anytime soon
No you may hate her, but that don't faze her
Who are you to criticize her behavior
She don't wanna be all up in love
She don't want no broke ass man
She gonna get it all while she's young
You gotta understand


She got the Stoly and the Roly and the furs
And if she want it then it's gonna be hers
She's a playa and she knows how to play
While we fools be working all day
She says, "I don't wanna be all up in love
I don't want no broke ass man
I gotta get it all while I can
That's just the way I am"

Chorus outs
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