Lyrics to Suffocate
Suffocate Video:
Time said thats all I need away from you,
So why do you tie me in a knot I cant undo..
You holdin me so tight as if Im leaving you tonight
Just tryna let you know
That its all got too much for me


Coz I cant get, get where I wanna
When you got me stuck in corner,
And you cant see, see what you doin to me
Baby I need room to breath.....
I cant feel what i otta,
When u hold me under the water,
No I cant breath why cant you see
That you suffocatin me.... suffocatin me!


What do u want from me
How can i give u more when u strangle my emotion
Insecurities are shuttin every door thats open,
I can feel it when u hold me that u tryin
To control me
I try to walk away but i cant move
When your nails are in my feet


You wanna hold me down, try and put me inside a frame
And want me all stuck down here forever ever
You tryna bring me down and tell me that Im to blame
Its all too much to take
Its never gonna be the same

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