Lyrics to Suckerpunch
Suckerpunch Video:
How many times have I heard the same old line
How many times have I fallen for that lie
Spare me the soft soaping
Bamboozled cock stroking
A sucker punch and it's packed behind a smile
A vacant smile

Deal me a hand and we'll double up the stakes
I called your bluff but made just one mistake
The dice were loaded and the cards were marked
The game was fixed right from the start
It's a sucker punch and that's what we call the breaks
Yeah, these are the breaks

The large print giveth and the small print cuts your throat
One hand's shakin' while the other's slippin' in your coat
Hoodwinked and shanghaied, coldcocked on the dotted line
It's a sucker punch and it's coming from behind
From behind you...
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