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Bee Gees


Lyrics to Such A Shame
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All that I hear doesnt feel right.
Don't call me 'till you're all right.
I listened and I heard but don't tell me.
La de da...

Once in a while he says good night.
Will I care if sometimes he is right?
What a shame, it's the same each day.
La de da...

Oh how I tried! I just sat and then I cried.
Maybe I'm wrong or will I find out when I'm gone?

There is so much fun in my leisure.
Don't bother me, man, just stay there.
If it's a sin, I'll convert me astray.
La de da...

Come be home with me, it's not a shame for you to see.
Oh let it be and you'll miss reality.
Songwriters: MELOUNEY, VINCE
Publisher: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
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